About the Book

The door to a new world opens when a city woman and her husband decide to build a house on an island reachable only by ferry boat in summer, ice highway in winter – and sometimes not reachable at all.   

Think Under the Tuscan Sun set in the north woods where survival depends on learning how to fend off a charging bear, riding in an ingenious Madeline-made contraption called a windsled, and where the island hot spot is an open-air tent bar whose slogan is: “We cheat the other guy and pass the savings on to you.”

They hire an island contractor whose sales pitch includes showing them a house he remodeled with a chainsaw.  Construction of the couple’s log house proceeds at a slow pace, giving them plenty of time to learn about the locals.  They discover islanders’ strong sense of community and willingness to help strangers in time of need, as well as their penchant for heated debate – about bike trails, noise ordinances and how often to bathe.

On Island Time is a wry and funny account of their apprenticeship in island living.  They emerge from the experience with a new and deeper appreciation for the inhabitants – both two and four-legged – of Madeline Island.  This book will delight all who dream of escaping to their own cabin “up north.”

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